Congratulations 2020 Walt Fiegel Foundation $2000 Scholarship Winners!

Nicole Essig – East High School
Carson Gaul – Sergeant Bluff Luton High School
Emma Geary – East High School
Kamari Jones – West High School
Carter Junge – East High School
Jacob Kuntz – Bishop Heelan High School

Myrka Olivarez Gomez – East High School
Elizabeth Parks – Dakota Valley High School
Ellie Risdal – East High School
Annie Tran – West High School
Maria Wilmes – Bishop Heelan High School
Daniel Wright – Sergeant Bluff Luton High School

The Walt Fiegel Foundation has been awarding scholarships to deserving young people in the Siouxland area since 2004 and we are still going strong!
Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do!

Administered through the Siouxland Community Foundation

BACKGROUND: The Walt Fiegel Foundation scholarship fund was established in 2004 by Sioux City East High School alumni in memory of long-time coach Walt Fiegel to perpetuate his spirit and positive influence on youth.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the scholarship program is to assist graduating high school seniors in their pursuit of a post-secondary education at a college/university or vocational/technical institute to obtain a trade, associate, or academic degree.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Applicants must be graduating high school seniors from East High School, North High School, West High School, or Bishop Heelan High School in Sioux City, Iowa; Sergeant Bluff-Luton High School in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa; or Dakota Valley High School in North Sioux City, South Dakota.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Selection of recipients is based on such factors that Walt valued in young people: good character, participation in extracurricular school activities, work history, financial need, and scholastic performance while in high school (note: you do not have to have perfect grades to earn this scholarship). Applicants are also evaluated on an essay they are asked to write about overcoming tough times.

SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: $2000, not renewable.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Application must be received by the February 15 deadline and must include the following:

  • Completed online application
  • Essay
  • Two (2) “Character Counts” recommendations
  • Official high school transcript

Past Scholarship Winners

Thomas Burkhart — East
Alfred Ellington Jr. — Sergeant Bluff- Luton
Carli Gasaway — West
Ryan Hughes –Dakota Valley
Hannah Hutchinson — Bishop Heelan
Aubree Kueny — Bishop Heelan
Brenda Phillips — North
Cole Reinhardt — Dakota Valley
Lauren Sobaski — Bishop Heelan
Jaden Urbanski — Dakota Valley
Abigail Wisecup — Sergeant Bluff- Luton
Nate Zyzda — East

Amber Allyn — North
Jose Ayala-Garcia — West
Medinat Ayodele — Bishop Heelan
Ross Gengler — Sergeant Bluff- Luton
Paige Hanson — East
Hannah Huggins — North
Josh Nutt — East
Rachel Okine — Dakota Valley
Elda Rodriguez-Virrueta — East
Diego Santiago — Bishop Heelan
Grace Wilmes — Bishop Heelan
Simone Yousefpour — West

2018 Rich Vanderloo Spirit of East High
Sam Hildahl
Lauren Van Dyke

David Chapman — North
Jessica DeLaCruz– West
Madison Elliot– Heelan
Jaqueline Guerra — Heelan
Sidney Hardy — Sergeant Bluff
Penny Nguyen — Heelan
Vanessa Perez — East
Karl Schenk — Dakota Valley
Noel Tolvanen — East
Ethan Vick — East

2017 Rich Vanderloo Spirit of East High
Brody Berthusen
Jordan Munson

Juliana Keane — Heelan
Grace E. McGowan — Heelan
Kayla Nichol — Heelan
Carter Furlong — Dakota Valley
Shayna Skokans — East
Dustin Moon — East
Joy Stone — East
Jami Turnquist — East
Rylie Zyzda — East
Jamila Gishe — North
Tin Tran — North
Claire Marxen — Sergeant Bluff
Kayla Guthals — Sergeant Bluff
Casey Guthals — Sergeant Bluff
Dena Lansink — Sergeant Bluff
Angela Guerrero — West
Brylee Noll — West

Sierra Chapman — North
Kathryn Fox — Heelan
Kylee Goodvin — East
Autumn Kayl — Dakota Valley
Katie McClintock — East
Nhi Pham — North
Zachary Pruehs — Sergeant Bluff-Luton
Zaira Ramirez — Heelan
Yasmeen Rose — North
Karina Sanchez — North
Joshua Stephens — East
Pablo Suarez Beltran — East
Tyler Unruh — West
Rachel Vondrak — Heelan

Anna Larson — East High School
Lauren Tidwell — East High School
Courtney Morrison — Sergeant Bluff-Luton High School
Olivia Flannery — West High School
Gerardo Guerrero — West High School
Sheehan Levine — West High School
Xiomara Santana — West High School
Isabelle Whitead — West High School

Spirit of Rich Vanderloo Scholarships
Wyatt Mounts — East High School
Carter Lilly — East High School

Jordyn Anderson — East High School
Macey Pribil — East High School
Rachel Ramirez — North High School
Thanh Johnson — West High School
Anna Mohrhauser — West High School
Tommy Thelen — Bishop Heelan High School
Emily Bauer — West High School
Kelsie Houpt — East High Schol
Caitlyn Miller — Dakota Valley High School
Mackenzie Geary — Bishop Heelan High School
Trey Lapke — East High School

Quinton E. Bose — West High School
Alejandra G. Flores — West High School
Alex S. Imming — East High School
Jamie M. Kleene — East High School
Shonda M. Mace — West High School
Andrew C. Munson — East High School
Joe N. Pham — Dakota Valley High School
Abby E. Pollow — East High School
Mariah R. Rodriguez — West High School
Conner J. Ulven — East High School

Quinton B. Behlers — East High School
Adam J. Brand — Dakota Valley High School
Ashley M. Johnson — West High School
Jillian R. Lenz — Sergeant Bluff—Luton High School
Erin S. Olson — Dakota Valley High School
Kaitlyn R. Schumacher — West High School
Emily A. Weeks — Sergeant Bluff—Luton High School
Nealy A. Woolridge — West High School
Allison C. Ahlers — Sergeant Bluff—Luton High School
Thanh—Tam T. Ho — Sergeant Bluff—Luton High School
Preston X. Ives — Bishop Heelan High School
Shelby K. Mathiason — East High School
Hanna K. McElroy — Bishop Heelan High School
Tiffany A. Torno — West High School
Victoria J. Vondrak — Bishop Heelan High School
Jillian D. Daane — East High School
Erica E. Jaeger — North High School
Ethen T. Leff — Bishop Heelan High School
Meghan R. Orr — Bishop Heelan High School
Breanna M. Schwartz — Bishop Heelan High School
Renee A. Smith — Bishop Heelan High School
Karissa M. Gugat — East High School
Lanie A. Kunkel — North High School
Dane R. Larson — East High School
Lauren M. Schuur — East High School
Brittany A. Stanek — Bishop Heelan High School
Lucas P. Tremmel — Bishop Heelan High School

Jesse P. Dougherty — Bishop Heelan High School
Whitney J. Larson — Bishop Heelan High School
Molly M. Rice — West High School
Kaitlin M. Strayer — East High School

Michael G. Haight — East High School
Kylie M. McCarthy — East High School
Bao—Tran N. Phan — East High School
Robert J. Bulit — East High School
Matthew J. Strayer — East High School